What We Do

Archangel invests in promising early-stage Canadian companies, guided by an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and excellence.

We source founders with vision, resilience, and determination to address large-scale problems.

We invest in companies that develop advanced technology with a clear competitive edge.

We unlock companies’ potential to scale and generate meaningful returns.

Archangel is made up of four FUNDS

We build bridges between our portfolio companies and angel-stage investors, fostering an ecosystem of shared insights and mutual success.

Strategic Partnerships

We use our expertise, experience, and industry connections to propel our portfolio companies forward.

Accessible Diversification

We take on the heavy lifting for angel-stage investors seeking to build a diversified portfolio of quality companies.

Focus Areas



1Mentor partners with colleges and universities to prepare students for the future of work by equipping decision-makers with quality tools and labour market insight to catalyze students’ professional development.


Mazlite offers an industrial IoT platform for spray monitoring and digitization in hazardous environments. The platform includes an IoT sensor for imaging, web-based software, real-time analytics/AI, and cloud-based data management.